Featured Job Listing – DVRPC – Associate Director, Livable Communities

DVRPC is looking for a Associate Director, Livable Communities! Click here for the full job listing.

Interested in an AICP Study Group?

Are you thinking about taking the AICP exam and looking for some study buddies? Reach out to Alexis Williams our Chapter Professional Development Officer at alexis.williams@stvinc.com and she can connect you with other people in the southeast who are preparing for the exam.

Aug. 4 – Webinar Wednesday: So You Want to Build a Trail

So You Want to Build a Trail: Tips for Planning, Design, Funding and Construction

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Multi-use trails have seen a surge in popularity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and are increasingly being used for transportation, in addition to their traditional role as a recreational amenity. Due to this increased demand, communities may be motivated to initiate local trail projects that promote outdoor recreation opportunities and connections to regional trail networks.

The objective of this session is for planners to understand how they can help local governments and nonprofit organizations plan for and implement trail projects. Specifically, this session will touch on how to navigate the process, including how to conduct a feasibility study to hone in on realistic alignments, how to identify appropriate funding opportunities, and how to work with municipal staff and volunteers. The presentation will also highlight real-life examples of considerations that arise during the trail design, permitting, and construction stages.

CM credit is pending approval.

Speakers: Donna Fabry and Chloe Mohr

Deadline to register is August 3, 2021

Reminder to fill out the APAPA-SE Member Survey

We are still collecting survey responses for the APAPA-SE’s post-lockdown survey. Your input on events, engagement, and future planning priorities for the Southeast Section is welcomed. A random survey taker will win a gift card from APAPA-SE! Visit this link to take the survey and have your opinions heard.

August 19: In-Person Happy Hour at Love Park

After many months of remote parties and events, the APAPA Southeast Section is pleased to announce an in-person happy hour event! We’ll be meeting on Thursday, August 19 from 6 to 8 PM. Join us at The Lawn at Loveluck for drinks, food, and socializing outside of our individual screens. Section members are invited, along with co-workers, friends, and family. We hope to see you (in person!) on the 19th.

Featured Job Listing – DVRPC – Sustainability Program Analyst

DVRPC is looking for a Sustainability Program Analyst! Click here for the full job announcement

July 7 – APA PA Webinar Wednesdays – CM Credits Available

We are excited to bring you The Evolution of Aerial Imagery and AI Insights presented by Frank Teegelaar; Kevin Korth; Glen McNichol; and John Kennedy, AICP. The field of aerial imagery has exploded in the last two decades. Technology and advances in gathering data have made aerial images better, cheaper, and more accessible to a wide range of users. Today aerial imagery is used in a number of diverse sectors including engineering, construction, transportation, energy, state and local governments and many more. In this webinar we will explore the roots of aerial imagery, how it is used and where it is going in the future…
CM Credits will be available. This webinar is free for PA Chapter Members and $20.00 for non-members.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – Local Government Online Survey

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Department of Environmental Protection is in the process of adopting and implementing its Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) program, focused on reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and public health, and advancing climate resiliency throughout the state. To help inform the program’s prospective policies, investment plan, and ongoing engagement strategies, Pennsylvania DEP’s consultant, Delta Institute, has developed a Local Government Online Survey for staff serving in municipal, county, and township government, to gather input on RGGI’s anticipated benefits and impacts, and to hear regional priorities around how the program’s revenues should be invested.

The survey will be open until July 15, 2021. Should you have any questions, please contact Jack Eskin at jeskin@delta-institute.org or call (312) 651-4350.

July 7: Well City Expo

Join the Well City Expo!

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On the evening of July 7th, 2021, we will have a chance to celebrate the incredible work of the five Well City Challenge Pitch Competition winners: Hey, Auntie, Let’s Talk Philly, Freedom Greens & Gardens, Shear Balance, and Strides. 

After hearing from the teams, the audience will have a chance to directly interact with the teams, and ask questions related to idea & incubator experience. At the end of the evening, we will announce the  winner with a grand prize of $50,000.

Make sure to follow the Well City Challenge on Instagram @economyleague, Twitter @EconomyLeague, and Facebook @economyleaguephl for event updates and to learn more about our finalists!

APA PA – Submit your Nominations for Annual Awards

2021 Annual Awards

The PA Chapter of APA is pleased to invite nominations for the 2021 PA Chapter of APA Planning Awards, to be presented at the Annual Conference, October 17-19, 2021 in Pittsburgh. It is the opportunity to showcase distinguished individuals and successful projects – the best and brightest in Pennsylvania planning! Go to our website for more information.

Nominations are encouraged to submit:

  • Compelling Plans
  • Innovative Projects, Programs, and Practices
  • Inspiring Leaders

It is not hard to submit a nomination.

  1. Enter information on the online form.
  2. Attach a narrative.
  3. Attach any support docs and images that help tell the story.