Oct. 14: Gentrification Webinar

Bridging the Gap: Research and Practice on Gentrification and Equitable Development in Philadelphia

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

12:00 noon–1:00 p.m. EST

Join us for a webinar during which we will discuss gentrification, residential displacement, and strategies for equitable development in Philadelphia. The webinar will feature findings from new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on Gentrification and Residential Mobility in Philadelphia, which examines the relationships between gentrification and both mobility patterns and financial health among residents in Philadelphia. This research also focuses on which neighborhoods in Philadelphia are gentrifying, who is moving into and out of gentrifying neighborhoods, and the experiences of vulnerable residents in those neighborhoods.

The webinar will also feature representatives from the Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Philadelphia who will share current efforts to prevent displacement and support equitable development in Philadelphia neighborhoods. The WCRP has partnered with 42 organizations to create the Coalition for Affordable Communities to address the issue of gentrification and displacement. The coalition has created Development Without Displacement, a long-term vision to address housing affordability in neighborhoods that are experiencing rising development and housing values. WCRP supports and scales current legislative tools, including the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund, to expand access to affordability for residents in gentrifying communities. Likewise, LISC Philadelphia is supporting collaborative efforts to create the Fair Future Strategy, an action plan for equitable development in the West Philadelphia neighborhoods of Belmont, Mantua, Mill Creek, Saunders Park, and West Powelton. Presenters will discuss the conditions needed to create strategies such as these in changing neighborhoods, efforts to build collaboration that includes residents, and future policy implications and scaling efforts for these neighborhoods.


  • Eileen Divringi, Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Community Development Studies & Education Department
  • Nora Lichtash, Executive Director, Women’s Community Revitalization Project
  • Andrew Frishkoff, Executive Director, LISC Philadelphia

Register for the webinar here. Before the event, you will receive the webinar link and access code in a confirmation e-mail.

Please contact Sydney Diavua (sydney.diavua@phil.frb.org) if you have any questions.

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