March 2&3, and 4&5: Economy League Well City Challenge Pitch Competition

Research shows that millennials–those born between 1981 and 1996–are suffering from more physical and mental health challenges than previous generations. Millennials are the largest population in the U.S., the most educated, and the largest wealth generators over the next two decades – yet they are in poorer health than previous generations. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s 2019 The Health of Millennials Report found that eight out of 10 top conditions have double-digit increases among millennials and 6 out of 10 are behavioral health conditions. How we handle millennial health and mental health challenges could make or break the economy.   

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That’s why the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia is joining forces with Independence Blue Cross to launch the Well City Challenge – a social impact challenge to engage and support everyday innovators with new creative ideas for addressing Philadelphia’s millennial health and mental health challenges.

The Well City Challenge will support community solutions for millennial health and mental health through incubator workshops, a pitch competition, mentorship, accelerator, over $50,000 in prizes and an additional $50,000 in seed investments. All programming will be virtual, to comply with CDC regulations. We will give preference to ideas that embrace the core values of creativity, collaboration, diversity, inclusiveness, and community orientation. The Challenge is open to individuals, community groups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and social enterprises. All backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to submit millennial health or mental health ideas related to our three themes: Community and Social Connection, Food and Nutrition, and Mind/Body.

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