March 1: 2018 Edmund N. Bacon Awards + Talk Honoring Enrique Peñalosa

March 1: 2018 Edmund N. Bacon Awards + Talk Honoring Enrique Peñalosa

Join the Center for Design and Architecture in honoring Enrique Peñalosa and the student winners of the 2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge. Enrique Peñalosa was selected to receive the 2018 Edmund N. Bacon Award because of the world-wide influence his pioneering initiatives as mayor of Bogotá, Colombia have had on public transportation, infrastructure investment, and public space, including on cities such as Philadelphia and New York City.

The 2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge coincides with the 100th anniversary of Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This year’s challenge, Philadelphia’s Next ‘Park+Way’ asked student teams to share their grand vision of what a new ‘Parkway’ could be in a dense and developed 21st century city and how Philadelphia’s existing natural and cultural resources could be better linked with their neighboring communities. Come meet the winning teams and see their visions for the next great Philadelphia Parkway.

The ceremony will be followed by a coffee + dessert reception for all in attendance.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Moore College of Art & Design

1919 Race Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103


$150 | VIP
$20 | General Admission
$5 | College Student
FREE | High School Student
*email photo of your VALID Student ID to david@PhiladelphiaCFA.org for discount code

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  1. Alexander Acosta Osorio says:

    Enrique Peñalosa is embroiled in several scandals ranging from laying about a doctorate degree, supposedly obtained in Paris, to a major caos and failure of the transportation system he’s so known for. In fact, that system has failed in more than 10 cities across Latin America. Costing tax payers millions of dollars and extra costs. His policy of transforming cities amounts to cutting trees to insert artificial environments, slowly transforming Bogota in a concrete jungle.

    Enrique Peñalosa has also cracked down on the poorest in the city. Driving the homeless away from some concentration areas without offering any concrete solutions to their situation. Today, more than 10 years later, those same homeless still live on the streets and there’s no solution in sight. Enrique Peñalosa is not interested in implementing working social policies for the most needed communities.

    Enrique Peñalosa is only interested in his reputation and political gain. A supporter of privatization who seeks to take away from the people of Bogota some of their more valuable public assets.

    Enrique Peñalosa is a man whose mandate is in process of impeachment due to the collapse of the garbage recollection system and the systematic deterioration of the quality of life for all; only being delayed by his political influence and the inefficiency of the Colombian institutions. Enrique Peñalosa is an elitist that dreams of a city that only works for the rich, and forgets about the poor. All his infrastructure projects are a testament to that.

    I invite the American Planning Association to make a statement about the above and rescind this price. For many Colombians it’s an insult—the cherry on the cake—that a man who is affecting the lives of millions of people in Bogota receives International validation for such a lackluster administration.

  2. Justin Dula, AICP - Chair, APA PA SE says:

    Thank you for your comment and the context. The award is being given by the Center for Design and Architecture and we are sharing it as we thought it would be of interest to our members. Your analysis provides some insight that many APA members in the U.S. might not be aware of and leaving up this discussion will help further the context. But, the APA is not providing this award at a national or regional level.

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