Join the APAPA Southeast Section Council

The Pennsylvania Chapter Southeast Section Council of the American Planning Association is accepting nominations for new Council members!

Interested in getting more involved?  Meeting other planners from the region?  Expanding our profession?

Self-nominations encouraged!

All nominations are due NO later than May 15.

Taking nominations for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, 6-7 Professional Planners, and 2-3 Citizen Planners.

Chair provides leadership and guides the development of the chapter, the Vice Chair assists, and the Treasurer maintains the budget and all financial matters, while the Secretary administers the documentation and membership of the organization.

A Professional Planner is an individual earning a majority of their income practicing planning or who is retired from such occupation;

A Citizen Planner is any appointed or elected official who is involved in planning decisions for the betterment of a state, region, county, city or municipality. Citizen Planners have an interest in furthering the purposes of planning promoted by APA PA, but are not a Professional Planner. Examples include planning commissioners, planning officials, zoning board members, Philadelphia RCO zoning representatives, or similar. Citizen planners can receive complementary APA PA membership.

How to nominate someone or yourself? Simple.

Send an email to elections@apapase.org that includes your name, contact information and a brief (3-4 sentences) bio that includes experience, education, interest, and similar. You can also include a photo to go with your bio if you would like.

Please note that you do NOT need to be AICP licensed, but you DO need to be a current APA PA member (unless you are a citizen planner). If you are uncertain of your APA PA membership, email elections@apapase.org with this or other questions.

New members welcome! No previous experience required.

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