January 27: Annual Conference Planning Committee Meeting


The 2014 Pennsylvania Chapter of the APA conference, Innovation from Historic Foundations, will be hosted by APA-PA-SE at the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia. This is the first time the conference will be hosted in Philadelphia in over a decade, so it is an exciting chance to show off our great city.  You can register here if you are interested in helping to show off our region to planners statewide.

The January 27 meeting will be at 5:30 pm at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel (2nd & Walnut) and we will have a chance to view the site.  Unfortunately, that means we won’t be able to offer a conference call option for this meeting. See the detailed agenda below for detailed information and to sign up for the google groups.  Agenda additions are welcome and can be sent to events@apapase.org

Conference Committee Agenda

APA Pennsylvania 2014 Conference Planning Meeting

January 27, 2014 5:30pm

Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel

One Dock Street, (2nd and Walnut Streets), Philadelphia, PA 19106

Register at http://bit.ly/2014APAPAconferenceplanningcommittee

Documents at http://bit.ly/2014APAPAconference

Google Group 2014 Conference Committee2014apapa@googlegroups.com

The 2014 APA Pennsylvania chapter conference “Innovation from Historic Foundations” will be held at the Society Hill Sheraton October 12-14, 2014. This committee is working through topic specific subcommittees to help provide local support to APA Pennsylvania staff.

Download the Meeting Agenda

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