Jan 6. Deadline – Help Build NPC21

Next week is the deadline to volunteer to review sessions or propose a session concept of your own! We consider it critical that the NPC21 program is inclusive of diverse perspectives and as a member of a population-based division, your unique insights can shape the future of planning. Bring your voice to our (virtual) stage and together we can reshape how planners work for and with communities. Throw your proverbial hat in the ring by January 6!

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Play a Part in Expanding Planning Knowledge

You have an individual outlook, and we want to give you the platform to share it with the planning community. Accelerate critical solutions through a session proposal exploring the issues impacting the planning practice. This year is a unique opportunity to conduct a session encouraging planners to lead through the application of planning interventions, new skills, and practices to enact effective and inclusive, long-lasting change.

The 2021 National Planning Conference will gather progressive leaders to explore critical issues facing the future of the planning profession and the communities we serve. We consider it crucial to include diverse participation and perspectives through the NPC21 program.

We look to offer unique insights, as well as innovative and practical approaches that enable the planning community to anticipate and successfully adapt to the needs of today’s rapidly changing world. This includes raising awareness and advancing methods to overcome racism and solutions to create inclusive and equitable communities.

NPC21 will be fully digital, May 5–7, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic and COVID-19 public gathering restrictions currently in place in Boston, NPC21 will take place as a virtual event.  

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