Feb. 8th: Partnership and Launch Party for DesignPhiladelphia!


RSVP: https://philadelphiacfa.org/event/designphiladelphia-public-launch-party

Dear Members, 

For over a year, the Center for Architecture and Design has convened with APAPASE and other various design associations to discuss and examine Philadelphia’s collective design community. The goal for these gatherings was to discuss the landscape, its challenges and determine how the design community can better serve each other. Throughout all of this, the Center has been working tirelessly on restructuring their organization, creating a more inclusive design organization, with this restructure comes a rebrand. 

The Center for Architecture and Design is now DesignPhiladelphia – designed for everyone by everyone. More than just a name change, a year-round, evergreen DesignPhiladelphia signals an all-in effort to help put the Philadelphia design community on the creative map. Now the Center for Architecture and Design and the annual DesignPhiladelphia festival are united under the master brand of DesignPhiladelphia. Why? To formally unite designers of all disciplines, to bring value to Philadelphia as a whole. More exposure, and more business for our region? That’s a win.

We are thrilled to announce that APAPASE is joining DesignPhiladelphia on this journey as an In-Residence Partner. Partnering with DesignPhiladelphia will allow for easier and more fruitful collaborations with designers across industries. Additionally, this will help expand access and create a design industry that looks more like the people it is serving, leaning on us for our leadership and expertise— inviting us to use DesignPhiladelphia as a crucial hub for convening and impactful, thoughtful conversation. 

This will allow us to do three things: 

  1. Cross connect with other designers and associations
  2. Help usher in the next generation of design talent by volunteering in K-12 design education programs
  3. Have space to host monthly meetings and annual events

This is an exciting time for Philadelphia’s design community, and we are excited for its future. Let’s join DesignPhiladelphia and other In-Residence Partners on Thursday, February 8th for the DesignPhiladelphia Public Launch Party unveiling of the new brand and to help them celebrate the future. RSVP here: https://philadelphiacfa.org/event/designphiladelphia-public-launch-party


John Federico, PE, PP, AICP

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