Feb. 28: Comment on APA Policy Guides

Stand up for Planning

APA Policy Guide Comment Period Begins

APA members can comment on draft policy guides on equity, housing, and surface transportation. The draft guides, which were created by APA members and approved by APA’s Legislative and Policy Committee, represent the collective thinking of association members nationwide on key planning issues. Developed for policymakers, APA policy guides propose policy recommendations that aim to create just, healthy, and prosperous communities that expand opportunity for all.

APA policy guides also inform our annual policy agenda and set the course for our advocacy work on federal, state, and local issues.

Ready, Set, Comment

Your participation in the policy guide comment period is essential to ensuring APA policy guides reflect the breadth of member perspectives, and moves us all closer to a shared vision of great communities.

Members can download the draft guides and share feedback using the associated comment forms online now through February 28 at 11:59 pm EST.

All comments received will be archived and shared with our policy guide working groups, who will use them to prepare the final versions of the guides that will go before the Delegate Assembly for adoption at the 2019 National Planning Conference.


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