City of Philadelphia Releases Traffic Research RFP

The City of Philadelphia has recently announced that it is seeking research proposals aimed at understanding Philadelphians’ traffic knowledge and behavior.

The winning solution will be awarded $32,000 to implement their strategy and have the opportunity to work directly with the City of Philadelphia.


Philadelphia sees approximately one hundred people killed on the streets every year as a result of traffic crashes.  City residents have long been under the perception that traffic crashes, and the fatalities they cause, are simply a part of the risk of being a resident, worker, or visitor to a major city.  Now, Philadelphia would like to challenge this notion.  The first step to solving the problem, is understanding the problem.

The City is looking for innovative ways to measure gaps in traffic knowledge and understand unsafe traffic behavior at identified intersections.

Successful solution(s) should provide a strategy for how to collect accurate information on one or both of the points below:

  1. What traffic rules and regulations Philadelphians do and do not understand.The City is interested in learning if Philadelphians are familiar with the following:
  2. The citywide speed limit;
  3. How to act around different types of bicycle infrastructure;
  4. The importance of yielding to pedestrians;
  5. How to pass school buses; and
  6. Other fundamental rules of the road.
  1. 2.What unsafe or illegal traffic behaviors are being engaged in at identified intersections, including risky behavior that does not result in traffic crashes.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, December 23 at 5:00 PM EST.

To find out more and submit a proposal, visit “Small Contracts, Big Ideas” at http://bit.ly/1YkVJTh

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