Candidates for Southeast Section Council Announced

Large APA Pennsylvania SE Section Logo
The following candidates for the Southeast Section of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association (APAPASE) will be running in the upcoming fall elections:


  • President:  Justin Dula, AICP
  • Vice-President:  Alexis Williams, AICP
  • Secretary:  Nicole Hostettler, AICP
  • Treasurer:  Rick Collier, AICP

Citizen Planners

  • Cheryl Tumola
  • Mike Martella

Professional Planners At Large

  • Jeff Barg
  • Jennifer Barr, AICP
  • Marley Bice, AICP
  • John Federico, AICP
  • Abby Poses
  • Kate Ramen
  • Rebecca Ross, AICP
  • Karen Thompson, AICP
  • Andrew Svekla, AICP
  • Ema Yamamoto, AICP

Our bylaws also give members the opportunity to petition for nomination.  Should you wish to submit other candidates, please submit a petition of nomination for one or more positions signed by at least twenty (20) Southeast Section members and submitted to the Nominating Committee (via email at not later than July 20.  The names submitted on a petition of nomination shall be included on the official ballot, which will be distributed to members this fall.  New Board members taking office January 1. 


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