April 25: Volunteer at Temple EarthFest

Every year, Temple holds an Earth Day celebration called Earthfest.  Over 10,000 students and adults attend.  The Southeast Section staffs a booth on planning and the chapter.  We typically use historic aerials to discuss land use changes over time and how to plan for them.  The students (not all of them of course) typically react well to the aerials, trying to identify uses and answering questions on what they would do to plan.  (We usually are involved with a treasure hunt stamp and usually have candy, both of which add to the demand at our booth.)

The event will be held Friday April 25 at the Temple Ambler campus from 9:30 AM to 2 PM, although we need to get there earlier, probably around 8:30.  The event is lots of fun.  We need volunteers, preferably two people at a time for two hour shifts.  If you’re interested, please contact John Federico at jefederico@urbanengineers.com.

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