Announcing Elections for APAPA-Southeast Section Officers: Call for Nominations

This summer we will hold elections for APAPA-Southeast Section Officers and Council members.  The four Section Council Officer positions consist of President, Vice PresidentSecretary, and Treasurer.  If you are interested in serving either in an Officer or Council member position:

  • Review the Chapter Bylaws for descriptions of the Officer and Council member duties and responsibilities.  Available at: https://apapase.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/APA-PA-SE-bylaws-2015-04.pdf
  • Determine if your schedule will allow sufficient time for the position, generally 1-3 hours/month.
  • New members welcome!  No previous experience required.
  • AICP not required to join the board.
  • Speak with current Officers or Council members regarding any questions or concerns.
  • Submit a nomination to the Nominating Committee no later than June 1st at:  elections@apapase.org

The official elections ballot will be distributed online by August 1st and voting will end in early September. The results of the election shall be published for Section members no later than October 1st.

Please visit the APAPA-Southeast Section website at https://apapase.org for more information about the section.

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