Planning for the 2014 Pennsylvania Chapter Conference in Philadelphia

The 2014 Pennsylvania Chapter of the APA conference will be hosted by APA-PA-SE at the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia. This is the first time the conference will be hosted in Philadelphia in over a decade, so it is an exciting chance to show off our great city.  You can register here if you are interested in being part of the planning committee.

There will be a meeting for the American Planning Association Pennsylvania Chapter 2014 Annual Conference on November 20, with a detailed agenda below, but even if you can’t make this meeting please register here if you are interested in helping to show off our region to planners statewide.

Conference Committee Agenda

APA-PA 2013 Conference Planning Kickoff Meeting

November 20, 2013 5:30pm

The Reinvestment Fund

1700 Market Street, 19th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103-3904

Call Toll free:  1-866-245-0351 Passcode: 605275

Register at http://bit.ly/2014APAPAconferenceplanningcommittee

Documents at http://bit.ly/2014APAPAconference

Google Group 2014 Conference Committee2014apapa@googlegroups.com

The 2014 APA PA chapter conference will be held at the Society Hill Sheraton in October 2014. This meeting will help get interested parties together to discuss the subcommittees needed and start to assign members.



  1. Introductions
  2. General discussion of the local host committee roles
    1. Discussion of Committee meeting schedule, location, and member solicitation
    2. Theme at http://2014apapa.idea.informer.com/
    3. Schedule
  3. Discussion of subcommittees and getting their first activity scheduled
    1. Speakers Subcommittee – 2014apapaSpeaker@googlegroups.com
    2. Program Subcommittee2014apapaProgram@googlegroups.com
    3. Special Events Subcommittee2014apapaEvents@googlegroups.com
    4. Fundraising Subcommittee2014apapaFundraising@googlegroups.com
    5. Marketing Subcommittee2014apapaMarketing@googlegroups.com
    6. Emerging Professional and Student Subcommittee2014apapaStudent@googlegroups.com
  4. Other Discussion
  5. Next Meeting
    1. Discuss arranging the meeting at the Society Hill Sheraton
    1. Select December date (http://bit.ly/2014ConfDec)


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