June 16 Engagement Committee Meeting

Large APA Pennsylvania SE Section LogoHave ideas for how APA Pennsylvania Southeast section can reach its members? Have suggestions for how better to get value from your membership? Share them during the Engagement Committee call. The Engagement Committee’s next call is Friday, June 16, 2016 at 2pm. Any interested section members are welcome to join by calling 1-866-245-0351 passcode 605275.

The tentative agenda is below, but feel free to add ideas for discussion during the call or in advance by emailing chair@apapse.org

Engagement Committee Agenda

  1. Groups to engage in APAPASE
    1. Current Groups and efforts targeted to them
    2. Suggestions for additional groups
  2. Engagement Efforts
    1. Current Efforts
    2. Suggest additional ways to engage
  3. Follow up items

Details on points one and two in the agenda

  1. Groups to Engage
    1. Sponsors
      1. Obtaining Sponsors
        1. Update on sponsorship
        2. Should we still solicit sponsorship? How?
      2. Helping Sponsors make the most of their sponsorship
        1. Welcome Guide
        2. Can we make it shorter and easier to read?
        3. Follow up reminders
    2. Citizen Planners
      1. Planning Officials
        1. Can we reach out to planning commission directors?
      2. Citizen Planning Institute
        1. Connection made with this organization, how can we use it?
      3. Retired professionals
    3. Students
      1. Scholarship Program
      2. Mentorship Program
      3. Student Reps
    4. Emerging Professionals
      1. AICP study group
      2. Happy Hour Networking Events
    5. Established Professionals
      1. CM credited educational events
      2. Happy Hour Networking Events
    6. Other suggestions?
  2. Engagement Efforts
    1. Annual Event
      1. Event for all members of any level of involvement
      2. Make planning this a yearlong effort with more assistance
    2. Other Events
      1. Events Committee has done a great job planning events
      2. Various events targeted at different groups
      3. Suggestions to bring to the events committee welcome
    3. Website (blog)
      1. Redesign for 2017 budget. How should we get input?
      2. Soliciting Posts
      3. Email blasts with key posts (schedule?)
    4. Social Media
      1. Create a strategy
        1. Facebook
        2. Twitter
        3. Others
    5. Other ways to engage

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