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Job Recruitment #19-07

OPENING DATE: September 2019
SALARY RANGE:Mid $70,000s to High $90,000s (position level & salary commensurate with education & experience)
LOCATION: Office of Corridor Planning
CLOSING DATE: When position is filled

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is the Philadelphia region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. We believe DVRPC is a place to work, learn, and create a career in a professional and stimulating environment that values diversity, innovation, and bringing your best self to work. If your background and experience match the following vacancy in our Office of Corridor Planning, we would like to hear from you.

Job Description

This is a highly responsible technical position involving the development, management, and conduct of multimodal transportation planning studies, as well as the direct management of multiple staff and supervision of team projects. The work of the Office of Corridor Planning focuses on data-informed community planning and decision-making, and it involves translating the inputs and outputs of transportation analysis and modeling software to a nontechnical audience of partner agency staff, stakeholders, and the general public. Many projects are integrated and comprehensive, exploring multiple transportation modes along with their community and development context. This position requires the ability to combine excellent technical abilities and knowledge with a big-picture understanding of the planning process. The ability to communicate clearly and simply to audiences with different levels of technical and planning knowledge is important for this position.

The employee will be responsible for defining the scope, methodology, direction, and results of traffic and multimodal transportation studies. Projects focus on travel corridors or local areas, and they involve extensive coordination and consensus building among local jurisdictions and transportation agencies. Applicants are welcome to propose new approaches for how the work of the department is conducted in the context of other work processes internal and external to DVRPC.

Work is performed in accordance with overall agency policies and professional standards under the supervision of the Associate Director, Multimodal Planning. This position is open to candidates with a range of backgrounds and experience levels. If the successful candidate meets the agency guidelines for a Research Analyst or Transportation Engineer IV (e.g., Principal Planner or Manager, Corridor Planning Programs), they will work collaboratively with the Associate Director, Multimodal Planning to oversee the work of the Office as they become more experienced as a Manager. If the successful candidate qualifies as a Research Analyst or Transportation Engineer V (Manager, Office of Corridor Planning), they will report to the Associate Director, but with greater initial responsibility. A high level of independence is required in carrying out daily tasks and responsibilities at either level.


  • Manage, research, and evaluate a program of transportation planning and engineering studies; and cultivate a pipeline of future work for the department.
  • Develop and communicate annual performance expectations, interim reviews, and year-end evaluations for supervised staff, and encourage and enable their professional development.
  • Develop and select methodology for individual transportation projects, including detailed specification of the problem, data to be collected and analyzed, interpretation and reporting of results, and development of conclusions and recommendations for project implementation.
  • Supervise the application of transportation and land use forecasting models and methods, as well as travel data collection and survey inputs for transportation models, as appropriate.
  • Develop recommendations and prepare related documentation and final reports.
  • Formulate and provide presentations to the public, policymaking officials and advisory bodies.
  • Coordinate and build relationships with the region’s transportation stakeholders.
  • Prepare project and program budgets, determine department procedures, and approve administrative actions.
  • Maintain advanced knowledge of technological changes in the transportation planning field.
  • Provide assistance to member governments, consultants, and the public.
  • Proactively learn about new concepts and techniques useful for projects by participating in appropriate meetings, trainings, and conferences in person or through electronic means and through research.
  • Perform related work as required.


  • Ability to effectively supervise staff directly as well as in project teams.
  • Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and objectives of corridor or areawide multimodal transportation studies, and ability to relate the knowledge of community and regional planning to the development of a regional transportation system.
  • Thorough knowledge of the socio-economic factors involved in community and regional transportation planning.
  • Thorough knowledge of basic transportation engineering principles and how transportation projects are implemented.
  • Considerable knowledge of software programs related to travel demand modeling, traffic operations, and highway capacity analysis, such as VISUM, VISSIM, and Synchro.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and direct complex research projects.
  • Ability to present the results of research effectively in oral, written, and graphic form.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, planning officials, and the general public.
  • Ability to integrate excellent technical abilities and knowledge with a big-picture understanding of the planning process.

Experience & Training

To qualify as an RA or TE-IV, six years of professional experience in transportation planning with progressive levels of responsibility. To qualify as an RA or TE-V, seven years of professional experience in transportation planning, including two years in a supervisory or administrative capacity; and such training as may have been gained through graduation with a master’s degree from an accredited university with major course work in a discipline applicable to city or regional planning, or an equivalent combination of experience and training. A Master’s degree can be substituted for one year of experience.

To apply for this job please visit www.dvrpc.org.

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