Field Trip!: APA Prez in Bethesda

Vibrant Streets Learning Lab
April 29 & 30, 2013
Bethesda, MD
6 CMs, $325

You can’t learn about what makes a Vibrant Street work in a conference room. From speaker sessions in the Row’s Arts Theater to walking tours to dining in Bethesda’s restaurants and wine bar, this Learning Lab will send you home with an authentic Vibrant Street experience. More importantly, you will return to your community with an ACTION PLAN you have crafted with our Vibrant Streets specialists.

Attendees will learn from presenters about current Vibrant Streets best practices and the future of Vibrant Streets around the world, land banking for retail redevelopment, creating a pop-up gallery space through the ArtPlace program, creating a temporary retail district, how communities can collect data through an app called LocalData, how existing suburban developments can be redesigned into more urban and more sustainable places, and how a foundation works with a community and the American Sign Museum to create effective and creative district branding.

Mitchell Silver, AICP and current APA President will be one of the instructors for the Learning Lab.


For full details and to register:  http://www.vibrantstreets.com/learninglab/

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