April 10: Planning Matters: Demographic Change and Land Use Policies

This year’s annual training series, which is a joint venture of APA-PA and DCED, features Todd Poole of 4ward Planning and Mark Keener of The RBA Group.  Planning Matters:  Demographic Change and Land Use Policies will focus on the significant demographic changes occurring in the United States (from an aging population, to a more ethnically diverse population, to a more diverse household formation population) and developing land use strategies that are not only market receptive but also fiscally prudent.  The series will take place in four locations across the state, with the Lower Merion Township Building in Ardmore hosting the southeast session on the morning of April 10th.  The event is approved for 3 CMs.  This interactive session is sure to be full of great information and ideas!  Full details and registration are available here: http://planningpa.org/wp-content/uploads/Planning-Matters-Training-Brochure.pdf

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