Join the 1/17 Engagement Committee Call at 2pm

APA Pennsylvania SE Section LogoHave ideas for how APA Pennsylvania Southeast section can reach its members? Have suggestions for how better to get value from your membership? Share them during the Engagement Committee call. The Engagement committee’s next call is Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 2pm. Any interested section members are welcome to join by calling 1-866-499-7054, conference code 735 289 0020.

The tentative agenda is below, but feel free to add ideas for discussion during the call or in advance by emailing chair@apapse.org

Engagement Committee Call Agenda

  1. Sponsorship and the Annual Event
    1. Starting 2017 sponsorship
      1. Assistance with sponsorship follow up
  2. Groups to engage in APAPASE
    1. New APA PA Members
      1. Welcome package for new members
    2. Current Groups and efforts targeted to them
      1. Website Survey finalization and release strategy
      2. Next steps for website update
  3. Suggestions for additional groups
    1. How to reach out to more diverse participants.
      1. Future Cities coordination with Future Cities Philly.
      2. Future Ready Program (Chamber of Commerce)
      3. Temple Earthfest partnership ideas
      4. Advertising section only membership
  4. Engagement Efforts
    1. Current Efforts
    2. Suggest additional ways to engage
  5. Follow up items
    1. Discuss Digital Communication Roadmap

For more details on the groups we wish to engage with and to see past notes, take a look at our running notes.

CM Credits for Pro Bono Planning Service

AICP members can obtain up to eight CM Credits for Pro Bono Planning Service, including volunteering time with the APA PA SE Council or a committee as outlined on the APA National website at https://www.planning.org/cm/logging/selfreport/probono.

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