Nov. 20 CM Webinar: Indianapolis MPO’s Formula for Actionable Public Input on Bike, Ped & Transit

1 CM Credit Available
November 20 @ 2 PM Eastern

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Meaningful public input is critical to creating bike, pedestrian and transit plans that truly meet the needs of the communities they serve. Join Indianapolis MPO November 20th for a fast-paced tour through its ground-breaking formula for engaging the public in alternative transportation planning.

Our friend Jen Higginbotham, AICP, Principal Planner at Indianapolis MPO, will share her step-by-step formula for blending online engagement with traditional involvement methods in a cost-effective way that consistently engages large numbers of residents. You’ll learn how Indianapolis MPO collects massive amounts of usable public input to inform better alternative transportation plans.

Creating engaging surveys is both an art and a science. Join Jen and Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer at MetroQuest, as they share best practices for designing surveys that deliver actionable public input for your plans.

Attend this complimentary 1-hour webinar for proven ways to:

  • Build public awareness and notoriety for your agency
  • Educate the public about transportation tradeoffs
  • Design online surveys that result in usable public input
  • Gain the support of local agencies to move your plans forward

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